Phoenix Environmental LLC is headquartered in Hobbs, NM, 7 miles west of the Texas state line.  Hobbs, NM population is approximately 35,000 and is 90% Oil [&] Gas industry.  Hobbs, NM is located in Lea County NM.

Phoenix Environmental LLC is designed to provide low-cost, turn-key remediation, construction and 24-hr emergency response services.  Phoenix Environmental LLC serves owners and operators of the Oil and Gas industry, State, Federal and Local Government entities, commercial and private facilities throughout the United States.

Phoenix Environmental LLC specializes in projects associated with the petroleum, oil and gas, and refining industries because of our location, but Phoenix Environmental’s Vice-President/Operations – Mr. Allen Hodge has performed work in Wyoming, Louisiana, Colorado, Texas and New Mexico.  Mr. Hodge’s Oil and Gas industry field experience spans over 33 years.  For the past 18 yrs, Mr. Hodge has taken his years of Oil and Gas industry field experience one step further in being an active participant in the interest of the environmental/remediation/reclamation/construction sector of the Oil and Gas industry, but not limited to.  His experience over the past 18 years includes jobs for Cannon Air Force Base, Wind River Indian Reservation, Navajo Refinery, White Sands, UST’s – Underground Storage Tanks, Groundwater issues, State of NM site reclamation for the City of Eunice sub-division, and Research, Development and Project Design for entombment of contaminated soils for the 1st State of NM approved entombment site, utilizing HDPE liner, CIM Spray-on liner and development and implementation of a leak detection system at the entombment site for the Oil and Gas industry.

Our staff is dominated by employees with environmental, construction and technical field experience.  Phoenix Environmental LLC’s team consists primarily of facility managers, commercial drivers, equipment operators and field laborers.  Our management experience guarantees efficient communication of cost and schedule information and warrants that projects will be effectively planned and controlled.  Phoenix Environmental LLC also operates a New Mexico State approved land farm disposal facility.

Phoenix Environmental LLC supplies the equipment and trained OSHA, DOT, EPA certified personnel necessary to safely provide quality, comprehensive environmental, construction and emergency response services.  On all jobs performed by Phoenix Environmental LLC, whether large scale or small scale, a tailgate safety meeting is performed before the start of each day, with the Phoenix Environmental LLC’s Job Supervisor requiring all persons to sign in that make an appearance on our job sites.  The Job Supervisor will not allow anyone on the job site without the required PPE (personal protection equipment) necessary to maintain a safe working environment.  Phoenix Environmental LLC’s company policy, first and foremost is “SAFETY FIRST.”

The spectrum of Phoenix Environmental LLC’s capabilities range from R[&]D (Research [&] Development) if necessary, planning and completing all aspects of large on-site and off-site remediation/reclamation/construction projects to those of a more modest scale.  Phoenix Environmental LLC is able to complete jobs independently, as well as work efficiently with other firms.

Phoenix Environmental LLC owns all trucks and heavy equipment necessary to support our normal line of business.  In addition, we maintain an inventory of environmental field instruments and safety equipment.  Phoenix Environmental LLC utilizes their own photo ionization detector (PID) and other on-site testing to provide clients with immediate, on-site results concerning contamination levels and site safety.  Phoenix Environmental LLC has the equipment, experienced personnel and treatment/disposal facilities necessary to provide turnkey services in environmental construction, remediation projects, site reclamation, demolition, 24-hr emergency response, earth moving and general dirt construction.

No Job Is To Big Nor To Small For Phoenix Environmental LLC

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